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I bought a new Blade fiberglass canopy for my 230S. Beautiful colors! Need some of the green blades to match this scheme but can't find a Blade green tail? Only aftermarket tail rotor in green.

Also, grounded it immediately after flying because this 230S is ridiculously messed up! Tips when spooled up, AFTER doing some dumb wobble dance...

Got it in the air after trying to tip forward and tip to the right and it was impossible to fly. I had to apply constant forward and left collective just to hover. Once into the 10mph headwind, it was a little better, but I eventually lost control and sent it overhead!

Since I can only fly tail in for now, I quickly spun it tail in before it smoked the neighbors tree and managed to soar way up high until I could regain it.

Sucked. And I'm not happy with this new 230S.

My little 130S flew in the same 10mph headwind just fine! Bouncy, as expected, but it still did better than the 230S.
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