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Oh yeah! I am an incorrigible SAB fanboy. I have 4 Goblins each with its SAB carry bag, SAB hex tools in their SAB case and a SAB case for my radio. Oh and I am trying to get enough SAB towels to use on my heli shelving. I only have 3 need 3 more

I use OBS Studio to record. It is a bit tricky to setup at first. I really seem to have gotten it working by trial and error. All I know is that I have both Display Capture and Game Capture modes enabled which is the only way to capture AccuRC and also allows you to capture neXt but I am using AccuRC 90% of the time. But I had a hard time I might have changed some setting I did not document to make it work. But it records using the graphics card so you don't get stutter while you record like other screen capture applications.

Indeed training videos are boring. I try to record after I have finished my training. What I am trying is to get myself into a "training routine" before my flights.

4 minutes (I have a timer of 4:10 to allow for spool-up which on AccuRC that simulates battery use sometimes I get all the way down to 0% battery LOL) each:

1. Upright piro hover. At the 2 minute mark, change rudder direction.
2. Same thing as 1 but inverted.
3. Upright figure 8's. At the 2 minute mark, change circuit direction.
4. Same as 3 but upright backwards.
5. Same as 3 but inverted forward.
6. Same as 3 but inverted backwards.

I will warn you it is exhausting and hard to keep at it. If I crash I start that exercise again until all 4 minutes finish without a crash. After that I go to "fun" mode and start goofing around. I know I need to get my 8's really dialed in and on muscle memory before I can move to funnels but I practice them anyways while having fun. Definitely as each 8 gets slowly better I can see the funnels improve as well. I will commonly on fun time transition from a circuit to a funnel. You will need around 1.5 to 2 hours to go through this training routine and still have time for fun and recording.

My ultimate goal is to have:

1. Upright funnel, both directions.
2. Inverted funnel, both directions.
3. Nose-down funnel, both directions.

I hope I can make it practicing that through winter, coupled with a few other things I want to incorporate into my regular flying:

1. Static flips
2. FFF while doing flips
3. Keep trying to get tail down and aileron tic tocs more locked in.
4. FFF while doing rolls

With that I think I can finally call myself a beginner 3D pilot

Originally Posted by Shonkonray View Post
You really love those goblins, dont you.

Btw, how do you record your videos?

What i personally would like to see is what you are going to practice in each video. Like, this vid is mostly for flips and rolls, or for funnels, transitions from upright to inverted. I like to see how others train themselfes and on what they are working and if i can see some progress on the next videos. I like when things start to get better and better, because the training is paying off.
And i maybe would see some different approaches to learn certain maneuvers.
You know for the time when you get stuck.

My training sessions are not cut out for public viewing. There would just be a lot of crashing or sloppy flying, because i always do and train things which i am not good at (there are so many things ).
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