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Uff thats a long training session of 2h. My brain would die a slow but painfull death with gain after reviving it.
If i really concentrate on my stuff i can see how i make failures after 15min or slightly before. Everything i fly longer will not gain so much, but is still fun if i dont try too hard.

What helped me to progress faster is to change the training routine a lot.
I tried sticking at figure 8 really long and eventually got frustrated and thought all i am doing is 8 and still they are not good enough. So i switched to flips and rolls too funnels and back to figure 8, just to notice they got magically better without training them.
For me is the key to change what i want to train and also change the speed and size. Especially slower and smaller are a great boost for me.

I think you should join the discord channel, then we could fly together at some points. Lately i try to fly all my sessions online, hoping that somebody will join. (now will go online flying...:-) )
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