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Default New to me Caliber 30 - recommended blade size?

So was on eBay awhile back and was feeling nostalgic so looked up Kyosho. Long story short, ended up with a pretty much complete, RTF Caliber 30. I started flying decades ago with a Concept 30 and had a Caliber at one point but had sold it. The Caliber was missing a canopy but I was able to get one direct from Kyosho America(literally think I purchased the last one).

I hovered it a little today and it is still a nice little heli. I have no plans to do 3D with it; got it just for old times sake to fly around but had a question - it has an O.S. 32SX and 550mm blades. Would it do better with shorter blades? I feel like the little OS is working pretty hard. I may consider an OS 37 down the road if I can find one but was wondering for now if shorter blades(500mm?) would help or not really make a difference.

Thanks for any input!
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