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Guys I'm sorry if I didn't follow through the build thread, got caught up in some other things and quite frankly I forgot about it... Anyway here is part two

Since I was waiting for the parts to convert the head to 140° ccpm I jumped straight to the tail section. Man those parts are nice… There are a lot of them but the whole thing is silky smooth and with no slop at all. The only thing to pay attention to is to leave a tiny bit of play between the tail case and the levers when inserting the torque shaft otherwise there might be some binding. Also the way the tail pulley is assembled takes away any play there could be so again, I’m impressed by this 20 plus year old design. The tail is actuated by a push pull system made of tiny carbon rods. It is more like a pull pull system as the little carbon rods are so flimsy they bend under compression. They are guided by rubber guides simply glued on the beautiful carbon tail boom. There was a lot of friction at first but after a couple of flights the fuel lubed up everything.
One thing to note is that you cannot use the whole travel otherwise the tail blade grips will reverse and lock themselves in that position. I left the travel at 100 on the CGY 750 and it seems to work very well that way even with the stock 95mm plastic tail blades.
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