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Originally Posted by jayf636 View Post
No money in the nitro market was the excuse, but here comes Mikado with their first ever nitro model. Now lack of kits and parts... even OTS not willing to confirm or deny the company's future.This is troubling.
I couldnít figure out an ROI, so ultimately either I had to donate $160K of my own cash to force it, or leave Italy to figure it out on their own. I decided on the later. And at that I point I had personally invested $65K into the nitro project. Worked my ass off to help design, test and market it (cumulative of nearly 1K flights with many tweaks and revisions.).. No one was more disappointed than me. I loved that heli. And still fly one of the prototypes.

I personally donít see Glogo making any money for Mikado. But to support Kyleís effort I ordered a kit on day 1 (I as told I was the second order). I really hope it helps their bottom line and sells 500-1000 units (whatís really needed to have a dent). Nitro fuel is running away in cost, so timing isnít great. Maybe a trade agreement with China will happen quickly to try and save the ailing markets. And then help nitro pricing get back to normal. But guys - go buy one. And support Kyleís passion to make this happen.

Happy new year folks! Bottom line is we have an amazing hobby, and I plan to enjoy every minute I spend in it.
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