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Originally Posted by JWeber View Post
MSH and Brain have never pushed hard into the competition scene. Also no top tier pilots are associated with the brand. I mean a Kyle, Nick, Ben, Kenny, etc. Without that, you don't get the fanboism like with some of the other brands. I know supporting one of those pilots takes lot's of $$$'s, but perhaps that's the price of being a leader in the market. Unfortunately, it isn't always the best product that wins.
Trust me, competition has nearly zero impact on sales, and the overall success of a product. Plenty of examples of top machines in completion that have failed miserably. And plenty of data showing great machines of today not selling well despite a strong competition presence. And yah putting $200K - $500K /yr into a traveling team isn’t an option. Just Italy traveling to ircha with 4 staff from Italy easily topped $30K all said and done.

Msh has had plenty of strong completion level name pilots and marketing.

Brain/ikon is the ( one of the) highest volume fbl on the market. Despite having no interest or focus on competition. The system is one of the best flying. But instead chooses to focus on features that matter to consumers. It’s currently privately owned by the core developer independent of the original MSH srl.

Having a top pilot is just one tiny piece of the entire picture. Just remember that the market is incredibly small. And no manufacturer that is healthy is relying only on RC heli’s For income. Those that are ok have multiple market verticals. If they don’t have multiple verticals outside of helis, they need high margin electronics to turn enough profit to maintain status quo. Let alone attempt to grow.

Alternately some companies have private investors that don’t care about making much off their “pet projects” inside our hobby.

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