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Old thread but i just not found much on this Spark, I just won a bid for one on ebay i been looking and reading watching you tube videos the past few days. After a guy i know showed me his Mavic pro i had never seen one in person, didnt know they cost $1200 so anyways he got me wanting to do more video flying. my current breeze 4 K is very limited on how high and how far from myself i can fly. also i can never get the stupid PS3 looking remote to connect so end up flying with my phone. pretty annoying..

Anyways i have been looking at chargers what is the best one? i was looking at this one. it does 4 at once and does have some sort of display i like displays

I been trying find a good buy on battery's also i would like to have at least one extra one but i think i will enjoy flying it so maybe i should get at least 2 if not 3 more. Ive read it can take some time to charge them all up.

Is there any ways to make a adapter easily to use our good hobby chargers?
I know it is avertized to go 1.2 miles. that is long way I do have one place i fly that is pretty good distance not sure how far but hope i can fly the whole thing. one guy showed he only got about half a mile with his.

I did see they make these cover things to go over the antennas to make it go more distance has anyone tried them?

I would think they would be more talk about this now. seem there down in price now $359 for spark, one batt, controller. I just didn't have that to spend seen a great deal on RCG and now i realize its even a better deal. battery's and all really add up fast. but then again i really don't like buying used battery's cause you never know.
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