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The H3060MG did not overlive a crash :-(
Servo tester works, but somehow not the poti with a connected gyro.

I have not seen any direct damage with the MG gears.

I am not sure how robust this servo actually is.
As fast as it is, it is nowdays been used on the Blade 180CFX.

The plastic chassis, especially the black bottom side is much weaker than the DS76T blue plastic chassis.
A nightmare.

If you tighten the four bottom screws one time after opening it and checking MG gears and closing it again, you will definitely corrupt the weak chassis.

The other (best) joke (ever) is, that this servo does not support 333Hz.

It was compatible with my E-Flite G210 and 270Hz, but not with Tarot ZYX and 333Hz digital setting.
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