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oh alright..

hey i wanted to ask about your Jumper Plus radio i never heard of one so i googled and seen them online for sale, lil confused. do they come with the module you just have to put it to whatever you want to use it with? or is it bare and you have to build the module for it? Guess i should try and find a youtube video about it. One reason i sold my K120 was kinda tired of the cheap tx with it I know on RCG there trying to figure out if we could install a dsm rx to work with this one.
All the various protocols are built into it. I've been able to control everything so far using it but prefer my DX9 for DSMX/DSM2 models. It is much better on the other stuff than the cheapo stock radios. You can find new builds for it on the Deviation forum along with model files. They also make an OpenTX version.
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