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Default AR636A Help

I've decided to rebuild my 330x to get rid of the plastic body and deeply flawed phillips head screws. I've got the MicroHeli CF frame and it's going together nicely.

My question is that since I have the Spektrum DXe and AR636A Blade 330x receiver and FBL - can anyone offer advice about whether this will work with the different servo positions of the MH frame?

I have the cord to rebuild the whole receiver, but I'm afraid to do it since I'm not sure how to get back to where I am if something goes wrong. I had to redo the profile in the DXe manually. PITA.

Will this work or do I have to upgrade the electronics ? (I would like to anyway as I'm getting deeper into this, but the $$ are a little tight right now).

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated....
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