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I have done it for one of my builds and it worked quite well.
Just use two esc with the correct amperage for your application.
Remove the heat shrink from one esc. Solder the battery wires from the second esc to the battery wires of the first esc. Rewrap the first esc with
some protection. Lightly secure the two esc together. Choose one of the three wire leads and plug it into the throttle port on the RX. Remove the positive and negative wires from the other lead, or just cut them. Make sure they can't short together and tape them back against the lead. Now plug the sensor lead into the rudder channel. Hookup the three wires from the first esc to the main motor and the other three wires to the tail rotor. If the motors turn in the wrong direction, pick any two wires and swap positions and the motor will run in the correct direction. Establish high throttle and low throttle and you should be good to go.
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