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Default Blade 120S just quits flying mid-flight

I am a reasonably experienced Blade 120S flyer, and have had this scenario happen last two times out. Like today, I made about 5 very nice flights, heli flew perfectly. Then on flight #6 at about 50' up, it just dies, as if someone threw a switch, loses power and goes straight into the ground. So far in both times this happened, all I broke was the swash plate, no big deal to repair. But I sure would like to know what is causing this. Here is some info:

1. This was the first flight on this battery, and it was fully charged. The lights on the control board inside the heli were not blinking red/blue, they were off when I retrieved it.

2. Radio controller was working just before for several successful flights.
3. It was not that far away from me, maybe 75' down range and 50' up.

So...theories? Is this common with 120S, and if yes, what fixes it?
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