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Originally Posted by xoexoe View Post
Which two of the four receiver wires coming out of the ESC did you use to connect to your Uno?
The four wires coming out of the ESC go to two standard servo connectors:
  1. The first has three wires (Vcc, Gnd, signal) and is connected to the Rx channel 1 (Main motorThrottle).
  2. The second has only the signal wire connected to the Rx channel 4 (rudder).
All ESCs flashed with recent BLHeli versions include a bootloader that allows BLHeliSuite to talk to the ESC using the standard servo signal wire (AKA "Bootloader Mode"). Older versions required soldering separate wires to the ESC to connect using the "C2" interface (and this is required for flashing the K110 ESCs). The Blade 230S V2 ESC has a recent version (14.4) of BLHeli installed so you can simply connect the THR servo output from the ESC to the UNO (and no soldering is required).

I only modified the main moter ESC and did not change the tail ESC, thus, I only used the channel 1 THR cable coming from the ESC.

Once again, you need to read the documentation that is included with the BLHeliSuite software. I've attached a couple of the relevant PDFs to this post.

BLHeli programming adapters.pdf - This describes all the various adapters that can be used to connect the BLHeliSuite software on a PC to the ESC. The part you want to look at is the: "Arduinos as 4w-if (in BLHeli bootloader mode):" on page 16.

BLHeliSuite 4w-if interfaces pinout.pdf - This shows how to connect the wires from the ESC to the Arduino device.

Note that there are two hardware families of MCUs supported by BLHeli: SiLabs and Atmel. The 230S V2 (and XK helis) both use the SiLabs family.

Hope this helps!
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