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I) Maybe it's the LVC?

I exactly had this symptom on the older 120SR that it regularly was falling out of the sky.
Afterwards I could fly again - the battery was not weak; the motor was working.
When we sent it in the only offer HH could come up with in 2013 was a 50% discount (Kulanz) on a new heli because I was out of the 6 months period; no checking or repair of the board and bad electronic.

Makes me wonder until today how many defective boards they might have got returned...

Because of the 45 degree flybar it flew like crap anyways...

II) Do you use 45C lipos?
Have you tried Tattu, Brainergy or Mylipo if available as 1S for this model?

You better do not use 25C!

Having read so much lately about Micro (Brushed) Quads, 1.25 Pico Molex vs JST PH 2.0 plugs I should probably have tried at least to switch the red JST BEC plug at the board and replace it by a new one (either at the end or to solder a new cable to the board).

I would not do that if you are still in the 6 months warranty period (nowdays manuals state that that the "defect free" guarantee is only after you have bought in and you get the heli and that crashes are not part of the warantee; maybe this text was in from the very beginning; depends how a vendor and HH-dealers "lives" it when technical electronic problems happen).

That you obviously "crash" the heli mechanically because the boards simply cut "too soon" the power is another thing.

PS: Same thing happens on the Blade Inductrix brushed quad with the red canopy.
Power is not reduced linear but simply cut off (no steady power reduction).
Thankfully the bigger 45C Lipos don't confuse the LVC as much as the original E-Flite 25C battery does, so it won't cut the power before 06:40 minutes and I can land at 05:30-6:00 minutes with the Inductrix (timer).
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