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Default K110 Calibration

Just finished binding my new K110 to a Futaba 18SZ. Everything seems to respond normally but the heli drifts to the left. Before doing anything else, I will check to make sure the swash is level and the servos are at 90 degrees. However, I have a question on calibration should I need to do that. The instructions for gyro calibration state "Make sure the throttle stick in the lowest position and 3D switch is on the OFF position". Should I assume they are talking about the 3G/6G switch when they refer to the "3D switch"? If so, placing the "3D switch" in the "OFF" position puts it in the 6G position. On my transmitter, the gyro channel is assigned to a 2 position switch. One position is selects 3G and the other position selects 6G. To me, placing the "3D" switch "off" means placing the switch in the other position which is 6G. Am I reading this correctly? Thanks.

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