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Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
I just remembered a Walkera CB100 that I had back in, like, 2011--it was 100-sized and double brushless. I flew that thing daily in my garage, crashed the hell out it, and never once did I have to replace motor!
I was curious and checked the spec of the Walkera HM CB100 to see a picture:

This FP heli was not yet FBL back then but had - as a fixed pitch heli - the 45 degree mechanical flybar instead of a real 90 degree paddle CP heli...ouch!

Reminds me instantly on the Blade 120SR (FP) which had - like the MSR - the same (45 degree) over-stabilizing flybar and because of its size it didn't really fly that good outside (low wind) and you constantly had to fight with a long nick press (servo travel up to 150%, 2nd TS tuning connection) against this mechanical helper flybar; sorry, but no real (CP) heli flies like that and it was kinda frustrating have to relearn almost everything.

In comparison: MSR was a good indoor beginner heli for the small living room (a friend had it; later he got Msrx and flew it in a gym hall).

Good that Blade nowadays uses FBL (and SAFE) even on fixed Pitch pitch beginner helis...makes more sense outside.

Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
For example, this double-brushless Walkera Genius seems pretty capable. Look, no tail blow-outs!
And, this was in 2011!
The video must have been a custom made and tuned Genius CP?

On the pictures I just see the two brushed motors and the spec and forum says Coreless:

The better technology are IMHO dedicated tail ESCs with BLHeli and activated "Damped mode" than the all-in-one Blade receiver boards or very proprietary Blade ESC for two motors.



Kinda sad that I had to throw out the 6-axis Walkera RX (RX-2636H-D) in the V120D02s because I could not connect any Spektrum satellite (Robbe made their own version Futaba S-FHSS ready) and because I heard that the previous FBL (RX2622V-D) was truly 3-axis but there was no way to switch from 6axis to 3axis mode with the RX-2636H-D.

And back then when I got this heli in 2013 I did not own a Walkera Devo transmitter but had the Spektrum DX8G1 (silver).

At least the XK K130 supports - like Align Trex150 - a satellite what I have read...


Tja, wir schreiben das Jahr 2019 und die Technologie entwickelt sich wohl eher rückwärts
Die Brushed Motoren vom NanoCPX haben leider nicht so sonderlich lange gehalten (teilweise Probleme bereits nach <20 Flügen oder 6-8 Einlaufen lassen mit Halbgas).
Aber was nützt es wenn die Qualität von Brushless Motoren bei Blade teils einfach nicht stimmt (z.B H420 / H440 Motor bei 4503D/450X, H3xx) und evtl. Defekte beim (BL) Heckmotor nach Crash ein proprietäres und teueres E-Flite Dual ESC (200SRX, 250CFX, 230s) dabei mit in den Abgrund reißt?
Fehlende Kulanz in 2015 beim 200QX und nachlesbare Qualitätsprobleme waren unter anderem mit der Hauptgrund worum ich persönlich von diesen Blade Dual-Motor CP Helis lieber bisher Abstand genommen habe.

Well, we are writing the year 2019 and the technology seems to be developing a bit likely backwards here and there
Unfortunately, the brushed main motors of the Blade NanoCPX never have lasted very long and they were quite pricey (quit often <20 flights, sometimes even defects after 6-8 burn-in phase at 50% throttle)....maybe I should have tried a tuning motor from micro motor warehouse and other vendors.

But what does it help if the quality of brushless motors at Blade is partially not there (eg H420 / H440 for 4503D / 450X, H3xx) and possible defects in the (BL) tail motor after a crash also damages the (underrated???) proprietary and expensive E-Flite Dual ESC (200SRX, 250CFX, 230s,...) like I read on the many Blade threads across many forums.
Warranty problems / lack of obligingness after six months with the 200QX in 2015 (especially after the investor thing after 2013 and internal support changes) and obvious several quality issues were among the main reason why I have decided not to jump onto this train for Blade dual-engine brushless CP Helis for a longer time.


Luckily, the Blade 4503D/450x mechanical pitch tail simply works (and I probably just have to get a good - more resistant midi - MG / Titanium gear servo which hopefully handles rare crashes a bit better than the DS76T / H3060 (MG) potis).

If you know how to fly a CP heli there is IMHO no real benefit in using any other motor driven solutions once you go over the 40-60g weight...

......with a defective tail motor and corrupted ESC (hard to test and not to connect a bad tail motor!) the replacement costs on a crash IMHO just get higher, not cheaper.
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