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Originally Posted by Indokast View Post
Why is the brushed nano back out in a new version when we all want a brushless nano, a brushless mcpx..

And good landing gear!

The NanoCPX brushed main replacement motors cost about 13EUR here in Germany.

When you have to buy them all 6-20 or <50-90 flights long the HH margin is way better than with BL hardware (at one point I was fed up going on my HH dealers nerves because the new 1-2 replacement motors hardly lasted any longer).

The NanoCPX BL upgrade set was $49,99; I wonder how many units they sold.

Because of the canopy pins breaking all the time on the original plastic frame, way too expensive Nano tuning frames from RakonHeli/MicroHeli and the very weak landing gear (you could clue it well together with the 3rd clue option "Zähflüssiger Sekundenkleber") I could not motivate myself to throw any more money into the NanoCPX.

The more expensive replacement Blade costs did the rest.
I sold everything.

For example it simply is **not** very motivating when you have burned in a new NanoCPX main motor after 6+ lipos and you maiden it that there is no real power there or it cuts power mid in the air.
Not to speak about when the NanoCPX sometimes fell over on the way of the field when I wanted to start as the path was not 100% level.

Even this was only the <10th lipo it usually affected the health immediately of the little brushed main motor heavily!

As I recently learned so much about Whoops like Inductrix, China TinyWhoop alternatives and the different plug systems I should have probably tried to replace the Nano board connector.

But even you do this to the very cable end, it will void any warranties....back in early 2013 (before the investor thing happened) I got a new replacement Nano board under warranty (for free) because the tail gyro acted suddenly weird (didn't hold the tail anymore with heavy drifts) after a few weeks....every glue point on the board I had done to additionally fix the white servo connectors to protect against coming loose was also seen and (of course) criticized by the support on the RMA report.

I really had my fun times with the NanoCPX in the beginning when I was flying in the gym or outside on the green field to learn flying my real first curves with a CP heli.
Flying my first funnel in sommer 2013 after 6 months with this little heli was a big moment for me.

Originally Posted by Indokast View Post
And make them a durable plastic like k110!
Seriously Blade.. why has this not happened???
Exactly this!

JFYI: BG has for the next six days a flash sale with higher discounts on the K110 (BNF); unbelievable that this is already BL (main motor)!
60g should be flying outside with a much bigger lipo (higher C ampere rate) a bit better than the NanoCPX with only 30g.

You get another discounts on replacement parts (main gear, main shaft, spindle, blades, etc.) when you order more than one unit.
Thankfully there are also German XK Innovations dealers (Conrad and Amewi only has the 120).


I finally jumped onto the 4-in-1 HF-module train for the Devo10 to get CC2500 support (Devo has 4 timers, X6 RTF does not support Mode3 and timer!) and ordered the K110 with a cheap $13 (=11,40EUR) Wltoys upgrade set of additional five 1s 540mah + two more 21% discounted 1s lipos.

With the NRF24L01 HF module I can even fly 7mm Whoops with Silverware/NFE Firmware (Lite FC) flashed where the Bayang protocol even sends me back telemetry.

Hear that Blade? Telemetry in a (Tiny)Whoop!
Your Inductrix (old version with red canopy) simply drops out of the air when the LVC cuts power after ~6:50 minutes!! No landing possible!

Hopefully you have improved that on your boards with your new Blade Inductrix Switch and Inductrix Air products!
We need telemetry or at least the quad blinking for 15-30 seconds before the LVC kicks in!
This is not a problem of good 45C lipos (well, could be related to the small 1.25 Pico connector).

Lipo comparison costs:
The E-Flite 1s 200mah tuning 45C lipo for the Inductrix costs ~10EUR.
One Brainergy 1s 220mah 45C cost ~6EUR (works quite well for 5:30-6:00 minutes and 3,7x rest voltage).

I just can hope that the K110 will arrive in good condition and the board and motors are fine.
Can't wait to do my first inverted flights in the 2019 season...
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