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Originally Posted by Indokast View Post

Hurry before I buy an xk k130 since they beat ya to it!

And the 130s didn't count. That was a totally different heli.

Why is the brushed nano back out in a new version when we all want a brushless nano, a brushless mcpx, or a new 130x?


and no more twitchy tails please? if wltoys and xk can do it surely HH can do it at twice the cost? They even have self level and you all can add a rescue to these models.

And make them a durable plastic like k110!

And good landing gear!

Seriously Blade.. why has this not happened???

Preach, brother!

That's what I want - a 130X. Not a 130S, not a 120SR or whatever, I just want the 130X to be back in production. HH won't have to spend dough on the retool or redesign, it's already out there and we are itching to buy it if only HH will offer it for sale.

If HH won't listen to me, I am actually thinking about getting a letter to Lynx or whatever, asking them to license production of the 130X. Call it the Oxy 1.5 or something, but give us what we crave!
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