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Originally Posted by prototype3a View Post
I've tried many and I'll say that there definitely is a difference between tail blades but it might be like tasting cheese or coffee where in some cases the differences can be subtle.

I'll keep my thoughts on the various brands to myself to avoid controversy and drama.
The differences are small. These days, I largely choose blades based on past experience with balance.

Come on. Where is the fun in avoiding controversy and drama? If you've got an opinion lets hear it. I'll start. I've never had a set of RotorTech, Align, MAH, or SAB tail blades I didn't like. Radix and Edge blades are often good but I've had a few sets I've stopped using because they didn't run as smooth as I'd like. I've never had a set of V-Blade T/R blades that were drilled properly or balanced.

I'll have a set of 105(ish) VTX tail blades when they become available. They would pair nicely with the set of VTX 697 mains I have sitting here.
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