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Default Couldn’t help myself

Banggood was having a flash sale with a coupon so I bought a WLToys V950 to beat on. Beat on being the optimum word, it is what it is.

Does anybody know if at any point an updated version was quietly released that rectified the servo problems or any of the other issues? I can’t see justifying $60 for the bluearrow servos at $19/each bit if it won’t fly either that’s annoying. I did see a neat hack that Dave Hebert/Nightflyyer did reviewing another model where he put some sandpaper under the throttle and worked it until the ratchet teeth were gone.

Watching the original batch of YouTube reviews was a joke. Just about every person doing a review was a self described “drone pilot who doesn’t know a thing about or normally fly helicopters”. Not a one of them noticed the stupid sloppy main blades or even bothered to do a mechanical setup check. One guy even tried flying it with a servo horn falling off because the screw was missing.

Once it’s sorted it will give me something I can leave at camp to fly in the summer without having to cart up my large birds and support gear.
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