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Originally Posted by xoexoe View Post
Once in the air, how does it feel compared to the CP S? And please say it doesn’t do that twitch thing.
Been having a lot of fun with my camera drones a lot and literally haven't flown any CP heli for almost 2 years so haven't flown the new models including the Nano CPS. What I've found is camera drones kill heli skills! They've turned me into a stick banger in no time! I wasn't feeling comfortable flying my other helis so I've bought the Nano S2. It feels a little under-powered but it's very smooth and stable for my intended purpose. I'm now relearning my inverted orientations and slow inverted circles. This thing is perfect for the job! I've dropped it 3 times from a few feet up, hit throttle hold in time and literally zero damage!
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