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Default 450x head?

I've been chasing a vibe for a while. This is on my 4503d I converted to x with a head/swash/mainshaft I bought on HF. And a AR7200bx I had on a 300x(that I never could get right. I have changed everything on the head except the head itself. I changed everything in the blade grips but before I took them apart, I noticed one grip is looser than the other. There is a noticeable amount of play that is not in the other side. I pulled the grips apart and then looked at a head diagram and both sides are missing the step washer. Can I just use shims or do I have to order the step washer(and wait a week)?
The heli flys(well hovers) quite well in the shop but has always had a vibe. If I spool it up on the floor it will rattle the skids(using trex 500 skid) but once in the air is fairly stable
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