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I agree that a belted tail would be interesting and probably provide us with the opportunity for hours and hours of tinkering, but the torque tube tail on the 130X isn't so bad, once you get used to it.

I made a sort of tool to hold the B gear in place and drivetrain maintenance is now a snap. A better tool could be made out of a bent torque tube.
The torque tube set up is actually very clever, but poorly executed in my opinion. The tail case should have been stronger, perhaps made of carbon fiber and the tail gears should have been beefier to withstand the abuse this heli likes to take. There have been plenty of aftermarket parts made for the 130X which corrected the tail issues however their other big issue was with the board itself. The 130X was notorious for having gyro drift in what I would say was about 80-90% of their boards. I have had MANY 130X's come through my collection and only a precious few have had perfect boards that did not suffer from gyro drift. Those few fly perfectly stable with hands off the transmitter.

An updated board, some better servos and an improved tail would make it a dream!
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