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Pretty self explanatory. Since you have the box, you should go ahead and download the software for your laptop. This will allow you to upgrade firmware, etc as well as program the ESC.

Biggest dilemma is to decide if you are going to utilize a governor for head speed. I highly recommend you bite the bullet and go ahead and set up for Governor. Next is if you want your FBL to manage the governor functions, or if you want the ESC to do that. There are advantages to letting the FBL manage the GOV and there are advantages to letting the ESC manage GOV function. Whatever decision you make will determine how you set-up the ESC.

You also set what voltage you want to output on the BEC circuit. Again, plusses and minuses to your selection. You will need to match the requirements of your servo's with whatever voltage you select.

Past that, It's fairly self explanatory. Plenty of you tube videos on how to set-up. Best if you can find a local club or mentor to help you through it the first time.

BTW.....I'm flying 700x/700L all with Align 130A ESC's. Happy to help you through it. Just PM me.

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