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Originally Posted by xoexoe View Post
Could be a bent main shaft then? How does it fly once in the air?

Or maybe you are somehow taking off in Rescue mode.. did you set up mixing differently in one model? Or maybe the swash is not level at mid stick?

Could be a lot of things.
Both models fly off the same DXe Tx on exactly the same factory settings. I've never played with the settings as the helis fly fine when in the air. With one its just a short phase in spool up. I am guessing there are subtle differences in the Rx that could probably be programmed out. The swash is not level when on the ground in stability mode on these helis, I read about that on here before and I don't really know why this is the case however, I set both up in servo centre mode. Its not a problem as I can catch the model before the rotors hit the ground but for a novice it would be a problem.
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