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A few thoughts from an intermediate pilot based on my two weeks with the S2:
1) I had the dreaded “blurry tail fin” OOTB, which indicated a rotor imbalance. Changed the main blades to the spares and it was gone. Was going to try a small piece of cellophane tape next, but haven’t wrecked the spare blades yet!
2) As noted by many, the feathering spindle nut was too loose. Added some Loctite blue. Problem solved. It’s easy to look in the blade grip opening pre-flight to ensure you have some exposed threads protruding through the nut. Good habit to get into!
3) IMHO normal, flight mode zero, Z-mode or whatever you call it is not only useless, but can be dangerous. Too little control for me and switching to other modes in mid-air in a tight space should not be done, since pitch/throttle jumps suddenly
4) I really like the simple procedure for a trim flight, but I can’t seem to dial out a right drift. I can be in a stable hover in stunt mode, switch to self-leveling mode 1 and it suddenly drifts off to the right every time. Not a huge deal since I can easily hold some left aileron in a hover and I mostly prefer stunt mode anyway. Have tried trim flights in both normal and mode 1.
5) The flight controller is way superior to the ones in my two old nCPX’s! Only a very little bit of tail wag in a slow left turn when entering the maneuver. It seems very sensitive to tightness of the blade grips screws. They need to be evenly tightened and just a hair tighter than what allows the blades to fall holding the copter on it’s side. The older models felt like I was constantly fighting just to make them stay on course. This control algorithm and/or hardware is clearly improved!
6) It doesn’t seem to care whether I use 25C or 45C batteries, but I’m also not doing anything really taxing like piro-flips or hurricanes.
7) The throttle curve in Mode 1 produced a hover/slow-flight head speed that was too slow for me, so I changed it to 0/33/60/82/100. Subtle increase, but I like it better.
8) I’ve had the swash separate on me twice in crashes, but I’m pretty sure it saved other parts of the rotor head. I just used two tweezers to press it back together without having to tear down the head. Easy to do and it flew exactly the same afterward, both times. May not upgrade until I quit crashing as much!
9) Overall, the most enjoyable micro I’ve flown yet!
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