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Throttle hold is a flight mode. It has a pitch curve & throttle curve. You cannot be in hold mode and idle up mode at the same time. (At least on my Spektrum TX). With throttle hold engaged, electric motor does not spin. On gas or nitro models, the head does not spin but the motor is running. I think that’s right...

Throttle cut is just a throttle value that is sent. You can be in idle up 1 (using its pitch curve) and be in throttle cut at the same time. The idea of throttle cut on a gas or nitro model is that the motor itself stops running; you’d need to restart it. On an electric heli, the idea is it just stops the motor from spinning, which is essentially the same as throttle hold.

On electric helis, you could use one of these for auto rotations (to enable fast spool up) and another for normal motor stop (soft spool up).
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