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I guess I have been lucky with my 4 Logos, 2 x 550SX V2, 2018 Logo 600 and a Logo 700 (sold) and several friends with Logos, we have had zero tail issues. I have close to 390 flights on my main Logo 550SX V2 and it is still running the stock bearings and thrusts in the main and tail grips. I grease them around 125 flights or so with Boto lube and they still look like new and run smooth. I crashed it hard around flight 35 and had to replace the frames, Landing gear, boom, some links and all blades. Since then it has not even had a link end changed. They are so low maintenance that it becomes worry-some. I only have 12 flights on my new 2018 metal head Logo 600 but it is running smooth and working perfectly so far. I am sure these issues some of you are having become very frustrating, Hope there is a proper fix From Mikado to cure it for good.
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