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Default Possible tail motor issues?

Hey everyone, Doc here again with another noobie question. I had a pretty hard landing the other day with my k110 and ever sense then I’ve had an incredible amount of tail spin. While spooling up for take off the helicopter spins and shudders and preforms an almost 360 counter clockwise rotation. Now, being new and scrubbing the forum I’ve come across a number of posts regarding everything from 6g/3g recalibration to board issues etc. (I only fly in 6g because new) 😅 Anyways, all appears well in the main shaft, swash plate, tail boom etc. I have noticed that the tail rotor only appears to spin periodically or only when I’m holding down and right on the rudder portion of the controller (not while flying, simply for diagnosis purposes lol) When on the ground and just enough throttle to have the main blades spinning the tail rotor refuses to turn when given left rudder. Any suggestions? Do you think it’s a tail motor issue? If so, how do I remove the black heat wrapped looking piece on the tail motor, or is that necessary? Could it be a possible bad adjustment I made while setting up pitch and throttle curve? Thanks for any help!

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