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I was originally going to buy a second S2 and use the CPS canopy just to tell between the two.

But it so happens I crashed my S2 so much that the frame creates enough vibrations to throw off the FBL.

So I ordered a new S2 frame but since I was ordering and these parts are so cheap I ordered two frames.

So today I received the shaft I needed to finish fixing the CPS. I will fix it and test it out and let it rest on the bench. I will then use the second S2 frame and convert the CPS to S2. Yes I will have to save up to buy that expensive FBL S2 unit but the S2 works so well I have no problem having two.

Plus I bought three eFlite packs when I bought the S2 and I had three old (which will probably need replacing in the near future) Venoms. And I also received the six channel new Spektrum 1S charger. So now I am perfect, as I will have three packs each that I can charge on a single pass.

If only I could do the same thing with the big ones and afford the parts and charging setups as easily...
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