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I see also you have a 150X on your fleet. I also have one and I dumped it tail first into the ground trying backwards inverted circuits. Now it needs a tail wire and a tail fin seems like that's all.

But I was wondering after the excellent S2 I found the 150X too jumpy. I mean I really like the power and agility but I feel like it porpoised a bit when I was trying and thus why I crashed. In contrast I drank a dose of courage and tried them successfully on my Goblin 500. Yes much higher and yes a much bigger and more stable heli but the S2 taught me a micro can feel good. Have you tweaked your gains on the 150X to be more stable? If so can you share? You can PM me the info as this is the wrong forum

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Exactly what Iím doing. Granted, I didnít do any brushless mods, but I like the S2 so much more.
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