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Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
Just, Wow! I tried flying my brushless CPS, today, after having flown my S2 for a week, and I couldn't do it. The CPS felt so unstable compared to the S2, the CPS was all over the place!

After a few crashes that finally cooked my tail motor, I went back to the S2. Ahhh, so stable and easy to control even in the breeze. Looks like I might just absorb parts from the CPS to repair the S2 when needed, and then it'll be the S2 from hereon out.

Gday guys. im flying a cps as my first heli and find it hard indoors with all the obstacles so she's had a few big crashes and one being in the kitchen sink full of water so outdoors on a rainy day no problems Yesterday i broke the last usable ball link on the swashplate so I have ordered a alloy upgrade.
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