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There's definitely something screwey going on. I was digging through my parts and found an older set of blade grips for my 550 and figured I'd try those. They had the original bearings and thrust bearings in them as well. I threw them on, took the heli outside, and 95% of the wag was gone! This is on the same hub that I had a ton of wag with earlier. Not a single change other than the older grips and bearings. It did seem like there was more lateral movement with the old grips than the new grips as in once they were on the heli and screw tightened they moved in and out a bit more than the new grips.

I don't know if that helps anyone or not, but seems to have addressed mine. When I get home tonight I'll get my digital calipers out and take some measurements of the old vs new grips and see if there's any differences and report back tomorrow. :-)
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