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Originally Posted by 3D Dave View Post
So now that the Nano S2 has been out for 2 months, what do you guys think of it?
I like it. Does what I need it to do: Crash well and stress free practice.

How does it compare to the Nano CPS?
Very similar except for the flight characteristic. S2 is better in the air in 3D mode. The stability Z mode seems like junk, but if you don’t need it it’s fine.

Piro compensation seems to work better the faster you rotate it. For me, slow piros are only mildly better than the CP S. It really shines if you crank that rudder stick though. Wow!


Is it as durable as the CPS or CPX?
Pretty much. Skids and swash are the weakest points. Easily addressed by boiling the skids and getting a Microheli swash.

I personally don’t like that if you break a lower canopy post on the S2 then you lose one of three FBL unit mounts. The canopy posts serve a dual purpose.


Same power?
Maybe. Some people say it’s more powerful. It could just be that the throttle in 3D mode is basically stuck at 100%

Same "has a mind of it's own" sometimes?
Not at all. At least not for me. I’ve never had a twitch in air or a floppy ground spastic dance.


Has anyone surpassed 100 flights?
Not me! I’m probably at 40.


Would you buy it again?
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