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As I best understand it, there are just a handful of ESCs that can send telemetry data directly to the VBar Neo that can then be displayed on the VBC radio. These ESC's include:

1) Scorpion Tribunus. Uses a simple and inexpensive wire adapter that you can make yourself. This setup not only displays all of the ESC telemetry parameters on the VBC radio, but one can also make adjustments to the ESC directly (wirelessly) from the VBC radio.

2) Kontronik Kolibri series, Kosmik 250HV, Duocool, and Watercool only need a simple and inexpensive wire adapter for VBC radio telemetry

3) Kontronik Jive Pro series and Kosmik series, require and expensive module (about $110 each) for telemetry with VBC radio. No soldering required for these modules. These modules are much less intrusive and give you all the telemetry information compared to the Mikado UI sensor (Only voltage, current, capacity parameters), but they are just as expensive.

4) YGE. I have never owned a YGE ESC, but it is my understanding that some of the latest models can send telemetry data to the VBC radio using just inexpensive wire adapters.

It is my understanding that the Neo/VBC radio cannot extract telemetry data directly from any of all other ESCs (HobbyWing, Graupner, Jeti, Align, older Kontronik ESCs, Castle Creations, Eflite, etc.), so one would need to solder a Mikado UI sensor to obtain limited telemetry data on the VBC radio.
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