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Get one for sure. I am converting my CPS to an S2. Long story but I thought about getting a second one instead at first then decided to just convert it. The S2 has been my backyard sim heli. Has been through a LOT of crashes and has usually come away without damage or with damage that will still allow it to fly. I was unable to flip the CPS to an inverted hover indoors, kept crashing the head on the floor. But the S2 no problem. Well not exactly NO problem but it is much more agile and predictable. All I did after unboxing was to hover it and note a slight right hover, turning a few on the opposite servo to level the swash, put on Loctite on the spindle (as it seems HH missed out on that one) and it's been a solid heli. Only heli I have tried indoors flipping around, and the first one that allowed me to translate part of my sim to reality, finally hovering on all orientations.

After I repair it after finally damaging it to be erratic (still hovers fine) I will take it out to the field and try out even more stuff I wouldn't dare on the big ones yet.

Overall a big step in the right direction from Blade. Oh and get the new Spektrum 6 channel charger. It gives you a voltage checker and it charges the packs super quick, unlike the included USB single charger that's included in the package. I wanted to explore aftermarket packs but the stock 150's are nice because they nail the CoG and make it super light and agile. 3:30 to 3.7v not bad.
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