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I prefer this crimper, it's more money but you have better control with it, crimping.

Additionally buy a knipex wire stripper or any stripper that you can set the depth of insulation to be stripped automatically.

Use the metal strip that the crimp was made with to hold the crimp while you make your first crimp around the bare wire.

If you are sold on soldering the wire to the crimp get magnifiers like optivisors and squeeze some dielectric grease into the head of the crimp or you can use a piece of motor winding wire, even a small 28-30ga. silicone wire. As long as the motor wire still has the varnish coating it'll work fine. You just need something to fill in the area where the male pin goes into the female crimp that you're trying to solder. You might even try getting some motor varnish & coating a male pin header & see if that would work. If solder does wick into the crimp, it's trash, start over. Also you have to have needle point soldering tip and it's a little tricky until you get that hang of it. The end result is a jst connector that you won't be able to pull the wires out of.

Here's the Optivisor:

Lastly be aware these 1.5 JST-ZH connectors were never intended for repetitive use so be careful they are fragile. That said, they do make male JST-ZH connectors, not a header but a dyed in the wool male crimp pins with a hooded connector. If try to find it & post a picture.

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