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Edit: Was meant for a PM - sent PM but not deleting.

I have a X7 that matches what you're looking for, with all very high end parts.

I wasn't really looking to sell it, but I do have a couple birds that don't get any love because I always go to the X7. I could always build another one.

- Xpert R2/R2T
- Tribunus 200
- Xnova XTS 4530-525
- iKon 2 / Jeti R6i mounted on it now
Gaui X7 Tribunus 200A, Xnova XTS 4530-525, Xpert, iKon2
Epic MD-7 Mezon 130A, HKII-4525-520KV, Savox, SK-540
TSA 700E Mezon 130A,HK-4530-540KV LE, Torq, iKon
Gaui X5 HW 100A V3,Gaui 4020-910,KST, iKon
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