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Default Neo governor headaches

So I have 2 logo's one is a 550sx with neo and tribunus 120 opto. the other is a 480 with neo and tribunus 120 opto, tx is a vbar touch. The 550 governor worked right out of the box no problems. The 480 has a new neo and esc. It is wired exactly the same as the 550. On the 480 the governor never becomes active on the touch's status page. the rpm box flickers green as it does on the 550, and on the 550 the gov active box turns and stays green saying gov active. Initially I would get a - number for rpm (example -430) I have uninstalled and reinstalled the scorpion app several times and after uninstalling and reinstalling sometimes I get a normal number but the gov never becomes active and never reaches the target rpm of 1900 rpm in bank 1. All governor settings are default. I have tried the procedure outlined here Post #11 but the gov never becomes active.
I have checked the wiring several times and also checked the integrity of the rpm lead and the telemetry lead from the esc. The scorpion status page says everything is normal and the scorpion setup page says the scorpion vbar gov is selected. I have checked the amplitude and quality of the rpm signal on both the 550 and 480's esc's with my oscilloscope and they both are clean 3 volt square wave signals. I'm using a western robotics bec and have tried 5 and 6 and 7.4 volts. I have searched this forum for Ideas/suggestions and others with similar issues. I have thought about trying to reload the pro firmware and rescue but thought I would wait to see if anyone has some suggestions, because I'm running out of things to try.
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