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Originally Posted by Luis Murillo View Post
Really nice flying!!!
When you testing blades what are you looking for?
, Also when you testing do you have to adjust the FBL control or you try to keep everything the same to get a better feel between them all?
Well, generally I test for whatever the blade in question was designed to do. In this case, the VTX 607 is supposed to extend the VTX lineup in terms of performance and feel- so I fly them in comparison to VTX blades of other sizes, make sure they feel about the same, make sure they approximately hit Bill's performance calculations and check that they handle well over a broad RPM spectrum.

I do not change my FBL setup for testing different prototypes of a blade. Usually I don't even change my setup when switching to the new blade brand/type, so I can compare blades across brands. I have a VBar setup I know I generally like, the biggest change I make if needed is adjusting the optimizer.
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