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Default HW 100A V3 and Brain2 Gov

The best telemetry and logging solution for virtually any ESC is the JLog S32. You can add sensors for additional telemetry and for the HW V3 ESC you need to add a HiTec C200 Hall core current sensor to obtain ampere and mA consumed feedback. The V3 only had voltage and temperature feedback built in.

The Unisense-E is slightly smaller and has inline power cable for direct connection to the ESC. It does not have any built in logging like the JLog.

The JLog logs require use of your PC to pull data from the micro SD card.

Both systems will require some setup with PC software

Castle Creations Edge series ESCís have great logging built in at no additional cost

Down the road you might want to consider Jeti, Mikado and Graupner for telemetry, logging and FBL integration. Iíve used them all and like Jeti the best for all round general utility, fly and do anything. Sorry FrSky (I know they do the same as Jeti, but I donít care for the program mixing and FrOS and OpenTX are just too cumbersome for someone who just wants to get through a setup and fly in the same day). Mikado V ecosystem is the best overall, doesnít require a PC to setup FBL, but has a high investment cost to fully unlock all features and obtain the necessary hardware. Good luck trying to find a NEO or Scorpion Tribunus. But once youíre in it neck deep, itís an awesome system that flys well and is very simple to tune.

Ikon2/Brain2 is the still the best bang for the buck and integration with Jeti, Spektrum, Graupner makes it very flexible. I fly most of my models on Jeti/Brain and they are every bit as good as the VBC with NEO.

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