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Experimented with flight modes and throttle curves. Using DX6 digital switch settings, I got rid of Stability Z mode. I set the gear switch to send 0,0,-100 instead of 100,0,-100. I set throttle curves to 0,33,60,75,82 in normal flight mode and flat 100 in IU1 and IU2. Since the same switch (B) is mapped to gear channel and flight mode, I now get a normal stability mode with reduced rotor speed. My IU1 has full rotor speed and stability. IU2 is full head speed and no stability (stunt). I set hold to a flat -15 so I get throttle cut in all modes, which works like throttle hold should even in stunt mode. I also bumped pitch travel down to 90 to reduce some of the bogging with pitch pumps. Liking it so far!
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