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It is hard to find parts here in the U.S. anymore but you can order the blade grips and thrust bearings from here compass 6hvu pitch slider is also hard to come by because they are not around anymore. It was not a perfect fit because the slider and tail shaft on the 6hvu was larger but what I did was take off the brass slider from the original logo slider and it fit right in to the 6hvu slider to perfection...just epoxied it in and voila perfect match. I had all these parts laying around from previous models I owned but I am sure you could probably fit some goblin 500 blade grips with corresponding thrust bearings and bearings and find a pitch slider that will fit the logo shaft and rig your own tail. A little experimentation worked for me...I even get compliments on my tail...they say it looks better than the small plastic logo tail blade grips. One thing though was that I could not torque down on the blade grip screw to the hub because the grips would get tight.....the hub is a tiny bit short to be able to torque down on it, so I cleaned the bolt up with alcohol and applied red loctite and screwed it in till it stopped with a little torque and it has worked perfectly.....has not come loose at all after 15 flights. I do check them every 3 flights just to make sure but the red loctite is doing it's job. Here are some pics
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