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Default Too stable?

Say, has anyone tried flying something else after having flown the S2 for quite a while, only to find your skills somewhat reduced?

I've spent nearly a month, putting dozens of packs through the S2 strictly in 3D mode, and all has seemed well. Last couple of days, however, it's been raining and so I returned to my simulator. I was shocked to find that my skills in the sim are nowhere near as controlled as they were a month ago, before starting with the S2.

Sure, it could just be a bad couple of days, but I doubt it. The only other time this seemed to happen was after flying the Nano CPS in Safe mode--that was like undoing things I had already learned! But I have been in 3D mode with the S2. I look forward to flying my 150X tomorrow to see if my skills with that one have been truly deprecated.

Anyone else experience something like this?
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