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Mezonís are hit and miss for me... Iím sure itís just operator error

Integration and telemetry is perfect with Jeti. Startup on 700 class can release magic smoke if one of two things happen: excessive motor current inrush with power hungry or commutation error occurs. I had 95A Opto 12s esc smoke on the bench because I was being stupid and triggered a spool up and throttle cut in quick succession (no blades).

My first 135 opto 12s on my E7se, smoked on the the forth flight during spool-up for me... the esc came out of my brothers Protos and had around 180-200 flights on it before I smoked it. Not sure why, assumptions are commutation error... as the startup power is -50, current limit is 130 and slow spool up.

My second 12s 130 Mezon has been flawless so far in the E7se for the past 135 flights. Iím not using the internal BEC and startup parameters are the exact same as the unit that smoked.

The motor is an 6 year old Align 700MX 540kv. I fly sport only and geared for lower headspeed... 1650 HS and 1950 for high speed 95-100% pwm output when pushing it gently, current limit set at 130 amps which works like a charm.

If you come across a good deal on one, it is worth the shot. I wouldnít recommend buying new and I donít believe Jeti does the 50% replacement cost anymore on them should you happen the smoke a 12s ESC. But if you are using 6-8s ESCís they are rock solid from what Iíve heard. So not worry there. Then again it was probably just my misuse on the 12s units. But never had any issues with YGE, Kontronic and Hobbywing doing the same stupid stuff I do on the Jeti. And only 1000 mixed flights on the other stuff.

But I do love everything else about Jeti and Jeti versatility and user friendly system. I have a VBC and Neo too... Iím still partial to Jeti.

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