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OK, so I put 7 packs through my 150X this morning before work. Granted, I have a couple of sim days under my belt since flying the S2, but all in, I wasn't too much of a mess with the 150X.

Certainly, the 150X is much more agile in the cyclic area, but also much smoother in the pitch area than the Nano S2. This may be a lack of slop on the part of the 150X. In any case, it didn't seem to take me much time adjusting to the greater agility of the 150X.

I did find that 150X a bit intimidating by comparison, however. It seems so much more powerful and noisy than the S2 that I, sort of, tense up and then forget my training. This caused me to crash the 150X twice while flying inverted--once tail-in into a planter area and once I lost it behind the flight-line, hit TH and it dropped against my fence with a loud "thud." The servo savers saved the servos very well. Minor adjustments put me right back into the air.

In the end, I walked away feeling that I probably have a lot more to learn from the Nano S2. Alternatively, I could likely just learn by continuing to fly the 150X and pushing through my mental barriers, but practicing on the S2 might make learning new stuff easier. I suppose it's a choice, really.

But at least I now know that flying the S2 won't undo my skills with all my other helis.
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