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Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
I did find that 150X a bit intimidating by comparison, however. It seems so much more powerful and noisy than the S2 that I, sort of, tense up and then forget my training. This caused me to crash the 150X twice while flying inverted--once tail-in into a planter area and once I lost it behind the flight-line, hit TH and it dropped against my fence with a loud "thud." The servo savers saved the servos very well. Minor adjustments put me right back into the air.
Oh man this describes me exactly. I could do flips all day on my Nano and not care. Now put anything bigger in front of me 150 X, Oxy 2, Oxy 4 my brain gets all cloudy from intimidation and I forget how to do what I should do. Ugh.

Also, I fly my Nano and 150 X at basically chest level, which means I can see the top of the heli. But my bigger helis I fly much higher for safety. I find that the different perspective viewing from below vs viewing from above messes with me too.

The fix is definitely to fly bigger helis lower to the ground, not the other way around. Only live once!
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