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I like my Nano but I keep breaking it a lot as I push it. But the lack of power of the motor is my problem. To me works best for orientation training under very, very low wind conditions. Last time I went out when it was kind of windy I returned with a broken skid post (I flew it like that regardless just careful when spooling up) and a broken FBL post (that one seems like introduced some vibration). I will try some CA on it. I have another frame that I was going to use in my CPS to S2 conversion but I dropped that project.

I went back to the sim yesterday and boy either the AccuRC guys tweaked their new Drake 700 to perfection or I got better and my lines were much better. I usually crashed more often when trying the type of flight I did and I was really consistent in avoiding the ground. Uploaded to my YT channel if anyone cares to take a peek.

Definitely the time simming and translating to the S2 before trying on the big ones has helped me a lot.
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