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Default trying to fix my cps

For the past year I had to put up with this minor toilet bowl effect of my CPS. Today I replaced the entire rotor head using brand new parts. Also replaced main shaft, main gear, new main motor, new tail rotor, bearings on the frame. I also serviced all servos. Done the blade tracking. Re-leveled the swash. Tried all the lipos that I have. I also made sure there is no binding in all moving parts. But sadly the TBE is still there.

I'm starting to think it could be my main board or its bad-shaped antenna. As flybars were used to stabilize the heli, any damage or binding on flybars will certainly cause TBE in the old days that's what I heard. So I suppose fault in a flybarless control unit could also cause TBE?

I have a spare ESC board with broken battery wires, am going to solder a new power connector tomorrow to find out if it will solve the issue.
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